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See Below For Class 3 FAQ's


We are the area's only Class 3 dealer with a Silencer Shop Kiosk!

At Base Camp Guns we make the purchase process of your class 3 item a breeze.  By utilizing the Silencer Shop Kiosk we are able to do all of the Class 3 requirements in our store.  This includes your photograph, fingerprints and electronic filing of the Form 1 and Form 4.

We offer a wide variety of silencer options.

Go to our Silencer Shop Affiliate below!

Gun Shop-10_edited.jpg

Silencer Shop Kiosk

For more information on how to purchase a silencer.  See our Class 3 FAQ'S Below!

Gun Shop-15_edited.jpg
Gun Shop-17.jpg
Gun Shop-16.jpg
Gun Shop-19.jpg
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